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What's New ... Early February

It's February already and this short month will be long on delicious, nutritious meals at the AV Senior Center. The February menu is now posted (above). Remember Roadhouse Romancin,' the Western Dance benefitting the Senior Center, is coming up February 11th. (See details at right.) Please look around our site for information about all our activities and some the services AV Senior Center provides to our local Seniors and community at large.

[The following comments from the event organizers are the follow up about the evening. This article was posted on the main page of this site until being moved to this spot for the archives.]

"Kudos and Condolences"
Kudos to those who produced and attended the Roadhouse Romancin’ Dance in February. Dean Titus and the Coyote Cowboys, along with Wild Oats did it again. Wild Oats played the first set with “toe tappin’ music” that pulled some couples to the dance floor, setting the mood and sparking memories with their bluegrass melodies, played true to type and style.
Then Dean Titus and the Cowboys took the stage. Their “Boot Stompin’ Country Western Music” seduced even more folks to the dance floor and kept them there for three hours straight. That means no breaks in the music, or rest for the wicked. Oh glorious shame! Dean sure knows how to work and please a crowd. The two bands, and all their music, time and talent was donated to the AV Senior Center. Ah folks! You should have been there. Thank God for musicians, especially those assisted by a sound engineer like Dave Martin. What an ear that man has for mixing sound.
The Dance Hall was decorated, set up and cleaned up by the AV Senior Center folks under the artistic talents of Sheri Hansen, Gina and Eddie Pardini. Sheri had local historical pictures printed and placed on each table Event bunting typical of the 50’s decorated the walls.
The God of Light, Dennis Hudson, lit the house and the entertainers, creating a romantic atmosphere with war m romantic colors, a mirror ball and gobos that suggested overhead foliage filtering light. His time, all donated and very appreciated.
The Slide Show on the wall was a homespun treat. Michael Crutcher, video computer top hand, put together half a shoebox full of “ole timey” pictures of some of our seniors, the places they built and the machinery they used. Those pictures brought tears to the eyes of some. Judy and I apologized. Ah, folks! You should have been there!
I feel obliged to bring to your attention the gratitude we owe and give to the technical crews as well as the production crews. These folks worked overtime without pay. The ramrod for the donated services of the Lion’s Club was Judy Long along with her sidekick, assistant cork puller, Christine Clark. As the designated bartenders, they brought $400 to the cash box. We “Do Feed The Lions!” with thanks. And where did all that “liquid dance courage” come from? The local winegrowers of course, giving something back to the community. A touch of class, for sure. Merci!
From up-wind of the bar, one was drawn to the sweet smells of pastries. What a cornucopia of sinful temptations, spread across the counter.. All homemade and donated by locals being neighborly by helping the senior folks who helped shape the valley.
Judy Nelson was the Roadhouse Cook and is the Cowboy’s most loyal fan—with picture of Dean above her stove. Retired cheerleaders Jo Gardener and Debbie Wineteer assisted. Teasing attendees with succulent morsels like Coconut Truffles, Twin Lemon Tarts, Cowboy Toffee and Cookies Galore, the ladies labors put another $145 in the cash box.
Tacos, wonderful tacos of beef, chicken and carnitas were sold by Alicia’s Restaurant. Donating 50 cents for each taco sold, another $50 dollars was added to the cash box.
The lucky winner of the 50-50 raffle was Linda Baker. Linda, angel that she is, donated her winnings of $95 back to the AV Senior Center. Putting another $190 in the till. That little sucker was putting’ on some weight.
The frontend publicity was donated by the Basehore family.
The two promoters/ticket takers/bouncers, Rod and Judy Basehore, turned in a gate receipt of $800 dollars. However, they subbed out their house duties to Maureen Hockberg a few times so they could stretch and retrain a leg with the two step.
The AV Grange #669 graciously donated the use of the hall for the dance and extended their donation to the Historical Society for their gig the next day. Everybody helps everybody, that’s why we country folk tend to be happy and content despite a few tender spots on body, mind and purse.
All together the effort brought satisfaction to many and netted the AV Senior Center a grand total of $1585 dollars from folks who came, saw, danced and enjoyed some quality time with their loved one.
Kudos to the community and condolences to those who missed it. Ah! Folks you should have been there! It was a hoot. Next time, cowboy up, open the gate and get er done while you’re still this side of the dirt.
Thanks to all, Rod and Judy Basehore, seniors who don’t know it.
The Senior Center wishes to thank Rod & Judy Basehore for putting together this event!

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